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Q. So many pumps claim to be non-clogging but fail to deliver. What makes Site Drainer™ different?

A. Simply put, it's our innovative and patented free-flow casing design that sets Site Drainer™ apart from the rest. There are hundreds of pump manufacturers and thousands of different pumps on the market, many of which claim to be non-clogging. Yet, most of them suffer from the same problem - they have a small area over which water is drawn into the pump which makes them susceptible to clogging and frequent cleaning. By contrast, Site Drainer's™ free-flow casing design features fine mesh openings which completely surround the pump. This allows water suction to diffuse over a large area and to eliminate clogs.

Q. Where can I use a Site Drainer™ pump?

A. Just about anywhere! Our SD300 model is built tough and can be used for general dewatering purposes such as flooded basements, HVAC and plumbing issues, and maintenance repairs, to the toughest jobs around such as construction site drainage and emergency flood water removal.

Q. How much assembly is required?

A. None! Another benefit of Site Drainer™ is that it comes 100% customer-ready out of the box - check valve and float included. There are no tools needed, no parts to assemble and no additional materials to buy in order to run the pump.

Q. Does the pump require any maintenance?

A. Site Drainer™ pumps are maintenance free! A simple wash down after use in a heavily soiled area will remove caked mud on the casing. It is also recommended to not let the pump run dry if being used in manual mode, in order to prevent motor burnout.

Q. Does it require a special power source?

A. Site Drainer™ SD300 uses a standard 3-prong grounded plug and comes with a 15 foot power cord.

Q. What kind of output adapters can I use with Site Drainer™?

A. The top discharge outlet on the SD300 includes a connection adapter that can accomodate 3/4" up to 2" fittings. This can easily be connected to garden hoses up to flexible plastic discharge hoses or commercial grade discharge hoses. We also offer optional fittings and quick disconnects in a variety of materials such as aluminum and plastic.

Q. Can I download the product manual?

A. Yes, you can download the product manual in PDF format here.

Q. Will Site Drainer™ be offered in additional sizes?

A. Yes! We will be expanding the Site Drainer™ product line bringing larger horsepower pumps, discharge options and convenient features such as lifting cables and thermostat controlled heating systems. Stay tuned to our website for more details or sign up to receive email updates with new product news.

Q. How can I purchase Site Drainer™?

A. Contact us and we can point you to a distributor or let you know your ordering options based on your needs.