Site Drainer SD 300 Pump

Site Drainer SD 300

Perfect for flooding issues and land management. At only 14 lbs. the SD 300 is light enough to bring anywhere, but this robust pump can move up to 3,900 Gallons Per Hour. With a built in on/off float you can just drop it and leave it. The SD 300 gets the job done.

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Site Drainer Pitboss Series Pumps

Pitboss Series

Industrial strength but highly portable. The Pit Boss series are our most versatile pumps. Choose between our in-built vertical float, external tethered float, or manual on/off. Designed for tough daily use in challenging environments, Pit Boss comes in 1/2hp or 1hp options.

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Site Drainer SD 750 1Hp Stainless Steel Submersible Dewatering Pump / Sump Pump with Non Clogging Stainless Steel Screen / NO FLOAT

Stainless Steel Series

With our internal pump housing built from 304 Stainless Steel, and encased in our patented 304 Stainless Steel cage, our toughest pumps are ready for whatever you throw at them. Corrosion resistant and extremely powerful, comes in 1/2hp, 1hp, and 2hp versions.

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Patented Free-Flow Casing

Site Drainer’s fully patented casing allows for continuous water removal without clogging. Its unique free-flow cage design makes it the first electric, submersible, dewatering pump on the market that allows for continuous worry-free water removal. It’s a simple concept: the more surface area, the more water can flow. This unique and innovative construction guarantees that the pump will never clog, no matter how debris-filled the water is.

Virtually Limitless Applications

We've put Site Drainer to the test in some of the toughest environments and the success stories speak for themselves. Starting in the World Trade Center rebuild project, Site Drainer has since proved itself over and over again: Floods, construction sites, mining pits, barges, farms, municipal works, industrial sites, etc. - we’ve done it all. Whatever it is: mud, sand, clay, sediment, leaves or pine needles. You name it. Site Drainer can handle it.

No Tools, Assembly or Babysitting

All of Site Drainer’s pumps come fully assembled and ready for use. Attach a hose, drop it in, plug it in and walk away. No more shaking pumps, clearing intakes, and checking every 10 mins to see if something’s stuck. Again. And with our integrated internal vertical float, or external variable float, our pumps can turn themselves off and on again automatically. Seriously, walk away, go do another job. Cause Site Drainer’s got this.

I honestly believe it's brilliant. If it had been around for 30-years, it would be the standard in sump pumps.

John Durante, President Durante Rentals

Two years, one pump, zero clogging. Site Drainer has saved us a minimum of $4,000 per a year.

Brian Winning, Vice President Sales All American Alloy and Recycling

I have to tell you, your pumps have been a life saver. Guys love them and I don't have to hear "they break" every week.

Eric Reisman, Colony Hardware

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Certified Small Business

Site Drainer is a Certified Small Business with the State of New Jersey and the Federal Government

Site Drainer is a Certified Small Business