Site Drainer FAQ

Q. So many pumps claim to be non-clogging but fail to deliver. What makes Site Drainer different?

A. Simply put, it's our innovative and patented free-flow casing design that sets Site Drainer apart from the rest. There are hundreds of pump manufacturers and thousands of different pumps on the market, many of which claim to be non-clogging. Yet, most of them suffer from the same problem - they have a small area over which water is drawn into the pump which makes them susceptible to clogging and need frequent clearing. By contrast, Site Drainer's free-flow casing design features fine mesh openings which completely surround the pump. This allows water suction to diffuse over a large area and to eliminate clogs. 

Q. Where can I use a Site Drainer pump?

A. Just about anywhere! All our models are built tough and can be used for dewatering purposes. Whether you need: our utility pump, the SD300 which is perfect for flooded basements, HVAC and plumbing issues and maintenance repairs; or our Pit Boss series for the toughest jobs such as construction site drainage and emergency flood water removal; or need our Stainless Steel series, perfect for handling saltwater and resists light chemically infused water. Site Drainer pumps can handle almost any job. And no matter how debris laden the water is, it won’t stop a Site Drainer pump!

Q. How much assembly is required?

A. None! Another benefit of Site Drainer is that it comes 100% customer-ready out of the box. There are no tools needed, no parts to assemble and no additional materials to buy in order to run the pump. Attach a hose, place it into the water, plug it in, and walk away. 

Q. Does it require a special power source?

A. Site Drainer pumps use a standard 3-prong grounded plug and comes with either a 20-foot power cord for the SD300, or 33-foot power cord for the Pit Boss and Stainless Steel series. And what’s more, all our pumps have a built-in capacitor, that means that even at startup it will never draw more than its stated running Amps. Whether the power source is electrical mains, or a generator, a Site Drainer pump will not overload or trip your switches.

Q. What other liquids can a Site Drainer pump?

A. Site Drainer is designed to pump WATER. Debris-laden water, muddy water, grey water, clean water, pond water, sea water (for some), flood water, shallow water, deep water, the water creature from The Abyss? Yeah, we can pump it too. Basically, if water has stuff floating in it or doesn’t, we can pump it. You know what isn’t water? Concrete. Concrete is not water. Neither is paint. Fecal matter (yuck) is also not water. Urine? Uhh, sure, but use our Stainless Steel pumps and wash your hands after. And wipe your feet before you come inside.