Success Stories

In the following success story, one of our customers shares how Site Drainer has helped their business operate more efficiently. Will yours be next?

All American Alloys

From Two Pumps to One: Saving Money and Time with Site Drainer

As one the most successful Scrap Metal Recycling and waste removal companies in New Jersey, All American Alloys and Recycling depends upon the efficiency of their equipment in order to properly run their operations. But they faced a challenge: When rainwaters would flood their 14-foot collection pit, the two pumps and the piping system that they had been using for drainage were constantly getting clogged. "We were having to have the pit serviced every 2-3 months,” says Brian Winning, Vice President. "A cleaning company cost us upwards of $1,000 per job." Winning says the pit was filled with all kinds of debris and sludge. "We were operating a two-pump system using pumps that are well-known in the industry. One pump would constantly be running, and one would be used for backup when the first one would clog, until they both clogged”, says Winning. That is - until Site Drainer.


Two years ago, Winning heard about Site Drainer pumps in the development and testing phase and contacted the company to give the pump a try. All American Alloys and Recycling replaced their two-pump system with one Site Drainer SD300 pump, and two years later, the pump has still not clogged. "Site Drainer has completely eliminated the need to go into the pit and has completely eliminated all cleaning," Winning says. "We don't even need to think about it anymore. Site Drainer has saved us a minimum of $4,000 per year from having to get the pumps and piping cleaned."


Site Drainer SD300


Another carryover benefit of using Site Drainer for All American Alloys and Recycling is that their loading docks no longer suffered from flooding during rainstorms when their old pumps would clog and their collection pit would overflow into their loading docks. "No clogging eliminated the problem in the loading dock, and Site Drainer makes it so simple to do what we want with its ease of connection options." Winning says he looks forward to additional products from Site Drainer and has been recommending Site Drainer to those in the industry he meets who are looking for dewatering solutions. "I talk the product up to strangers because it's that good. I can't say enough."