How Site Drainer Works

What makes Site Drainer so different from other de-watering pumps?

Site Drainer's difference lies in the patented free-flow casing design, which allows for a continuous flow of water. Standard electric submersible dewatering pumps all suffer from the same problem - a very small strainer area typically located near the bottom of the pump, over which water is drawn, making them susceptible to clogging. By contrast, Site Drainer's proprietary design uses fine mesh openings which surround the entire body of the pump allowing water suction to diffuse over a large area, that means no clogging.


Site Drainer SD300 components diagram


You can embrace the muddy environments. Site Drainer won't.

Site Drainer's innovative design drains unwanted water but leaves the surrounding environment intact. The small openings in the enveloping cage pass small, manageable solids and leave everything else behind, making it an eco-friendly solution. The optional Burlap Sack can be used to prevent passage of even smaller particle sizes, like sand, to further reduce water discharge and environmental concerns. 

Small size. Big performance.

Site Drainer pumps may be small and lightweight, but they pack a big punch on the job. Even our smallest Site Drainer pumps handle flows starting at 61 GPM. And with Head heights starting at 36 feet, they can easily be used in the toughest environments: construction sites, excavations, industrial processes, home and commercial needs, you name it.

Quit babysitting. Gain efficiencies.

You have a job to do. Babysitting a pump shouldn’t be one of them. Site Drainer is a drop-and-go solution. Choose to manually turn on/off or choose a model with the built in or tethered float with the automatic on/off depending on water level. Whichever you choose, without the constant need to unclog, you can maximize your productivity on the job you were meant to do.