Site Drainer Stainless Steel SD 400V 1/2Hp Non clogging Electric submersible dewatering pump and trash pump with Integrated Internal Automatic On Off Float

Site Drainer SD 400 V 1/2Hp Stainless Steel Submersible Dewatering Pump / Sump Pump, Non Clogging Stainless Steel Screen and Internal Vertical Float

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The SD 400 V 1/2 Hp (400Watt) is a fully submersible pump, designed to resist lightly contaminated water or saltwater.  With the internal pump housing built from 304 Stainless Steel, an incredibly strong Polyurethane Impeller, and all encased in our patented 304 Stainless Steel cage the SD 400 V comes with an integrated, internal Vertical Float. The 400 V works in confined spaces and keeps working no matter how debris filled the water gets. Built for the toughest situations, the SD 400 V works easily even in the most debris filled water. 61 Gallons Per Minute with 5’ lift and maximum Head of 36’. It comes with 33’ power cord, runs off 110-Volts, draws 5.6 Amps, and has 2” NPT male discharge flange to accommodate lay flat construction hoses. Debris in water will not interfere with the operation of the unique integrated vertical float inside the non-clogging cage. Perfect for Saltwater, water treatment plants, marine salvage yards, barges, scrapyards, carwashes etc. Our toughest pumps are ready for whatever you throw at them.
  • All non-clogging, debris resistant operation 
  • Designed to resist lightly contaminated waters or saltwater
  • Stainless steel construction makes pumps more resistant to corrosion
  • Patented stainless-steel cage with ¼” openings that surrounds the pump preventing rocks, rope, and other debris from clogging the pump impeller, rendering trouble-free, long lasting operation
  • Integrated vertical float allows for auto on operation at 7” of water, auto off operation at 2” of water.
  • Pumps up to 3685 gallons per hour at 5 ft. lift, emptying sump pit in seconds
  • Top discharge provides maximum motor cooling efficiency allowing continuous duty operation at low water levels and dry-run capability 
  • Pump motor is housed in watertight casing, conforms to class F insulation; 110-Volts motor, draws only 5.6 Amps. Motor has a built-in thermal protector which protects against overheating and extended dry run
  • 33 ft. power cord, 2” male discharge flange, easy-to-grip handle makes this pump easily portable

Download Site Drainer SD 400 V Product Manual



Motor Output HP/Watts 0.50 HP / 400 Watts, 60Hz
Voltage 110
Amps: Running  5.6
Phase Single
Power Cord Length 33 ft
Discharge Connection Diam. 2" NPT
Max. Solids Diam. 1/4 inch
Max. Temp. 104F / 40C
Impeller Material Polyurethane
Float Integrated Internal Vertical Float
On/Off Height On 5.75" / Off 2.5"
Motor Protection Thermal Overload Built-in
Internal Lubricant Turbine Oil VG32 (150 CC)
Weight 34.05 lbs
Product Dimensions 11"Diam x 13.5"H / 27.9 D x 34.3 H cm

    Discharge Flow Chart

     Head GPM GPH
    36' 0 0
    30' 21.2 1267
    25' 32.4 1943
    20' 41.8 2505
    15' 49.8 2988
    10' 55.7 3340
    5' 61.4 3685